How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

How Much Sugar Can You Safely Consume On A Daily Basis

Sugar is bad for your health, and that has never been a secret. As a matter of fact, many doctors and nutritionists regard sugar as the single worst ingredient in the modern diet, given the fact that it is filled with “empty calories”, meaning that it has no added nutrients whatsoever, and it can also promote weight gain. In addition to this, an extended sugar consumption can also take its toll on your metabolism in the long haul, and consuming too much sugar can increase the risk for heart disease, obesity as well as type II diabetes, all of which can be fatal. However, have you ever wondered just how much sugar can you safely consume on a daily basis, in order to minimize the side effects that are widely associated with this ingredient? Here you will find out more about sugar consumption, the safe amount of sugar that you can eat per day as well as a deeper insight into the latest research, designed to shed some light over the entire matter.

How Much Sugar Can You Safely Consume On A Daily Basis?

When it comes to sugar, the thumb rule is: the less you eat, the healthier you will feel. Sugar should be avoided, but truth be told, it does add flavor to most of the foods. Nonetheless, according to a report that was released by the AHA, or the American Heart Association, women and men should consume different amounts of sugar, in order to stay fit and healthy over the years: while men are advised not to exceed 9 teaspoons of sugar, women should never consume more than six teaspoons of sugar each day. It is important to say that these amounts involve all the sugar you ingest, not just the one you add to your foods. Almost every beverage and food that we consume (especially the pre-baked goods) come with added sugar – this is why it is important to read the label before drinking a can of coke or eating a bar of chocolate.