Make Your Hardboiled Eggs Golden With This Simple Trick

golden Hardboiled Eggs

If you are the type of person who just liked to experiment with his or her breakfast, then you will certainly love this trick that will help you create golden hard boiled eggs, inside the shell, without too much effort. Simply known as “golden eggs”, these eggs have been scrambled inside before being cracked, and the yellow blob that results comes from mixing the white and the egg yolk together. This is a great cooking trick that you can use if you want to impress somebody or just to make an easy and delicious breakfast that stands out from the crowd. As a matter of fact, the golden hard boiled eggs are considered to be a very appreciated delicacy in Japan – however, the trick is so amazing and the eggs taste so good that they have become widely consumed all over the world.

Things You Need For Making The Golden Eggs
First things first, you will need to have either a pair of stockings or a long sleeve T-shirt, along with two pieces of rope or two rubber bands that will help you keep the egg in place. Having said that, all you have to do is to tie up the egg so that it is securely in place inside the sleeve, then simply wind it up while pulling. By shaking the egg yolk and the egg white inside the shell, the two will eventually mix together and then you can simply boil the egg just the way you would boil any other egg.
Golden egg with this simple trick