It Turns Out The More Trans Fat You Eat, The Less You May Remember

dangerous health effects associated with an increased consumption of trans fats,
A Deeper Insight Into The Memory Loss-Related AHA Study

As mentioned above, a recently released study has revealed a potential link between the increased consumption of trans fats and a temporary memory loss – the more fat you consume, the less you are likely to remember. The study was conducted by the AHA, or the American Heart Association, in order to shed even more light on how trans fats actually affect our health. The study, whose purpose was to look at the role trans fats played in memory, was a rather extensive one, and it encompasses the diets of no less than one thousand healthy, working age men.

Simply put, each one of the 1,000 participants was shown one hundred and four cards, with words written on them, and with every new card that the man was shown, he was then ask if the word is new of if there was another card with the same word. In addition to this seemingly simple test, there were also some blood tests and examinations designed to see how trans fats actually influence the blood chemistry, and whether there is anything we can do about it. The scientists have quickly noticed that a significant portion of those who were tested actually has a very high amount of trans fats in their system – it was that exact group that also remembered the fewer words, as opposed to the group of people who had less trans fats in their system and who were actually able to remember a lot more.

Statistically speaking, the team of scientists has concluded that a person is likely to remember .76% fewer words, with each extra gram of trans fat consumed that particular day. Having said that, the group of men who ate the most trans fats throughout the course of the study remembered about ten percent fewer words, as opposed to the group of men who consumed considerably fewer trans fats within the same period of time. This is what led scientists to the conclusion that an increased consumption of trans fats can, and certainly will, affect one’s memory in the long run.