Increased Fruit And Vegetable Intake Has No Discernible Effect On Weight Loss

increased intake of fruits and veggies is actually good for your silhouette
Kaiser also claims that weight loss is a rather complex process, and that people should take several different measures in order to achieve the desired result. Efficient and healthy weight loss occurs when a person combined a healthy, balanced, low-calorie yet still nutritious diet with regular and vigorous physical exercise. Otherwise stated, those who want to reach the ideal weight should consider making several lifestyle changing and adopting a healthier diet, by reducing their overall calorie intake and increasing their intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers that would make them feel full for a longer period of time.

Moreover, it is equally important for people to understand the fact that different foods have different effects, and that multiple foods may interact in order to create an efficient and healthy weight loss – one that can actually be maintained in the long run, without having to experience the bothersome Yo-Yo or the dreaded “boomerang effect” that most of those who try to lose weight end up experiencing.

In addition to all this, Kaiser also stresses the importance of designing more mechanistic studies that aim to help people understand how weight loss works, as opposed to focusing on too many studies that promote the weight loss benefits associated with an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. It is of paramount importance for scientists, researchers, doctors and dietitians alike to join their efforts and to make sure that the public is correctly informed when it comes to weight loss and the things they need to do (and, at the same time, the eating habits they need to avoid) in order to achieve the desired result.