Increased Fruit And Vegetable Intake Has No Discernible Effect On Weight Loss

fruits and vegetables may not help you lose a lot of weight
The results of the study were clear: there is no correlation between an increased consumption of vegetables and fruits, and an actual reduction in general body weight. As Mrs. Kaiser, one of the researchers who conducted the study claims, all of the data has revealed a near-zero effect on general weight loss. Otherwise stated, people who eat more fruits and veggies with the purpose of improving their fitness level and getting rid of the unwanted fat are not more likely to do so, than those who do not consume as many fruits and vegetables.

For years, the general consensus was that vegetables and certain types of fruits are particularly useful during one’s battle with the extra pounds, mainly because of the fact that vegetables tend to be very low in calories. However, Kaiser also claimed at the end of the study that although eating more vegetables and fruits may not come in handy for your weight loss efforts, it does however, lower the risk for weight gain, which means that this strategy might actually turn out to be beneficial for those who are trying to maintain a stable weight over the years. In addition to this, fruits and vegetables are also known to be very rich in vitamins and fibers, and this is certainly a notable health benefit that all researchers, doctors and dietitians can agree upon.

The key to weight loss is general energy reduction – in other words, if your main aim is to lose weight, then the first and most important thing that you need to do is to eliminate the fatty, calorie-rich foods from your diet, as they are widely considered to be the main culprit behind weight gain. Reducing the energy intake is a lot better than relying exclusively on fruits and veggies for your weight loss purposes.

When it comes to public health, it is important to raise awareness about the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables, and to also inform the masses about the dangers of the other group of foods, which has exactly the opposite effect on their weight loss efforts. As Senor Author David B. Allison has revealed in this study, it is important for people to understand that it is very difficult, if not even impossible for some, to actually lose weight by eating more fruits and vegetables without taking additional steps to reduce their overall food intake, as this is actually their main enemy in the battle with the extra pounds.