How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

How Much Sugar Is Too Much
Besides this, the estimated amount of sugar that you can eat daily without feeling the side effects also varies from one person to another, not only based on gender but also based on that person’s general health status: people who are active and healthy can, obviously, consume more sugar daily than those who are overweight and who are already at high risk of developing diabetes or other diseases related to this condition. One thing is for sure, though: there is absolutely no need for added sugars in your diet, other than for extra taste and flavor, keeping in mind the fact that sugar does not serve any physiological purpose in particular.

A Deeper Insight Into SugarScience – The Initiative Launched By The University Of California

Throughout the decades, doctors and scientists have been particularly concerned about the effects of sugar on the human body, and numerous studies have been conducted in order to emphasize on the side effects of increased sugar consumption. The latest study that was launched in the field is known as SugarScience, and it is an initiative that was launched by the University of California in San Francisco, with the sole purpose of showing people once again just how dangerous sugar can turn out to be. The project is a rather ambitious one, and the team of researchers within SugarScience have distilled no less than 8,000 other separate research papers and study cases, in order to study the effects of sugar on the human body more thoroughly. The results did not take them by surprise, as the researchers have managed to find overwhelming evidence linking the increased sugar consumption to three major chronic illnesses: liver disease, heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.

The SugarScience initiative was led by Laura Schmidt, who teaches Health Policy at the University of California in San Francisco. As Mrs. Schmidt says, the purpose of this project is to raise even more awareness about sugar and how an increased sugar consumption can lead to a variety of serious illnesses and conditions. Added sugar is particularly dangerous, especially for those who are already prone to develop one of the three dangerous conditions mentioned earlier. As part of the SugarScience initiative, the team of researchers have come up with a comprehensive, user-friendly and easy to navigate website whose main purpose is spreading the word and raising awareness about the side effects of added sugar. The website features not only television commercials but also downloadable resources that aim to offer people a deeper insight into the matter, helping them understand the devastating side effects of sugar on their health. Although the effects of added sugar may not be visible now, they will surely become visible later in life.