Dangers of Drinking Energy Drinks
You may think nothing of picking up an energy drink for a quick, tasty afternoon pick-me-up, in fact, global sales of energy drinks reached over $12 billion in 2012, proving how popular they are with consumers. However, you may not have considered the health risks that come with regular... Read more
7 Signs Your Liver is in Bad Condition
Although our organs are what keep us running, we often take them for granted. So we eat unhealthy foods, don’t exercise, drink lots of alcohol, and fail to get a good night’s sleep. Because our organs are inside of us, we can’t exactly observe the abuse our organs are... Read more
5 Signs on Your Body Telling You Are Unhealthy
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5 Yummy Drinks for Amazing Body Detox
Detoxing can make you feel happier, healthier and fresh, due to the body’s release of toxins. Detoxes can also help to prevent chronic diseases and enhance your immune system, so there’s no better time to take on a new cleansing challenge. Most detoxes focus on drinks, rather than foods,... Read more
9 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Beautiful
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Antioxidants May Be Counterproductive To Endurance In Workouts
Some people gain muscle mass a lot easier than others, and it everything comes down to one’s metabolism. Having said that, while some people are able to gain muscles by simply shifting to a balanced diet, others might have to resort to supplements and antioxidant vitamins that do benefit... Read more
Amazing Facts About Pistachio
We are all more than familiar with pistachio – delicious and intensely flavored at the same time, pistachios have been a symbol of robust health and wellness since the dawn of civilization. Filled with nutrients and fiber, these nuts are essential for optimum health, and numerous studies have been... Read more
Increased Fruit And Vegetable Intake Has No Discernible Effect On Weight Loss
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Connection Between Happiiness And Lowered Risk For Cardiovascular Disease
Many people would be unable to define happiness per se, yet most of us know it when we feel it. Happiness is a state of mind that is incredibly hard to define, one that instantly makes us feel better and that gives us a positive outlook on life –... Read more
It Turns Out The More Trans Fat You Eat, The Less You May Remember
Dietitians have been warning us for years about the dangerous health effects associated with an increased consumption of trans fats, which are commonly found in fried foods and most pre-baked goods. Trans fats can wreak havoc on your health on many different levels: they do increase the risk for... Read more