9 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Beautiful


Ensuring your hair looks beautiful can work wonders for your self-confidence. It will ensure a sleek, groomed appearance that’s applicable to any scenario, from looking professional at the office to looking glamorous on a girls’ night out or important date. Despite the importance of feeling good about ourselves no matter what we look like, the way we look can indeed affect aspects of our lives.

In fact, it’s even been suggested that having a good hair day truly can make a difference to our mental wellbeing. Scientific evidence, as detailed in Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty (Nancy Etcoff, 2000), explains the positive influences of an attractive appearance, a healthy lifestyle and good personal hygiene.

As a result, most women find themselves putting in the effort to create alluring hair styles and keep their strands in top condition. Read on to discover how to take ultimate care of your tresses.

Ensure you’re washing correctly.

Firstly, wash your hair with a shampoo. Massage the shampoo into the scalp for around a minute before rinsing immediately. If your hair is particularly oily, you may wish to repeat this process to reduce build up. Massaging the scalp as you wash your hair will also help to prevent dandruff.

Once the shampoo is completely rinsed out, apply your conditioner from the tips of your hair to the roots. For a softer, silkier effect, leave it to soak in for a few minutes before rinsing.

Once conditioned, rinse your hair on a cool setting, preferably as cold as you can stand comfortably. Cooler water helps to seal the hair’s cuticles, locking in moisture and increasing shine.

Occasionally, you may also wish to use a hair treatment, such as a deep conditioner or treatment oil, for example argan, macadamia or coconut. You may also try a leave-in conditioner once a week, as they continue to benefit your hair long after washing, while also making it more manageable when styling.

Finally, it’s important to avoid washing your hair daily when possible. Washing the hair strips it from its natural oils, which can cause dryness and breakage.

Avoid the overuse of styling products.

While great for styling, the effects of styling products on your hair and scalp can be damaging. Avoid applying them directly to the scalp to avoid dryness, focusing only on the strands. Ideally, styling products should only be used three or four times per week to prevent damage and build-up. For easy styles that don’t require any expertise or products, check out tutorials on how to create the perfect messy bun, ponytail or ballerina topknot.

12 Tricks to Make You Look More Stylish


In today’s society, we are confronted with the concept of style on a regular basis. From clothing stores to magazines and even on television, importance is placed on the ‘wow’ factor of an outfit, giving the impression that a stylish outfit results in confidence and a happier, more productive lifestyle.

However, many shoppers may not be able to find the time to put together stylish ensembles, especially when work and family pressures need to take priority. Others may struggle to afford a new wardrobe, or simply not have the storage space in their home to purchase new clothes every season.

Rather than focusing on a complete fashion overhaul, it’s possible to update your look and ensure you look stylish with a few simple tricks, straight from the world of fashion.

A Polished Appearance

We’ve all heard the term ‘polished’, but what does it really mean? A polished appearance is key for looking classy or professional and can be achieved through sleek, styled hair, freshly ironed clothing and immaculately applied makeup for a flawless finish.

Hot on your Heels

The shoes you pick can make or break and outfit, especially when incorporating them into an outfit designed to make a statement. Choose a pair of good quality shoes that complement both the color and style of your outfit. Additionally, ensure they’re free of dirt or scuff marks, which can add an unkempt look to your outfit, which is probably not the image you were aiming for.

The Perfect Fit

You could select the most stunning designer item in your wardrobe and it would still look terrible if it didn’t fit correctly. Each item should be suited to your frame and silhouette, so it’s important to try on clothes and ensure they suit the natural shape of your body.

Clothes that are too large can create a frumpy look, while also making you look bigger. Clothing that is too small may accentuate areas that you may prefer to keep hidden. The perfect size will offer the perfect balance, highlighting your best features and drawing attention away from body parts you may not be comfortable with showing off.

Embellished Looks

Accessorizing to embellish your outfit can add an updated, trendy look to even the most simple ensembles. A fun or colourful clutch bag can serve as a unique focal point, while statement jewellery such as necklaces or rings can add a touch of glamor and style.

12 Things That Make You Super Attractive


Have you ever wondered which of your traits are perceived as the most attractive? Many of us wonder about such things regularly, often taking the steps to appear more attractive through styling, fashion or cosmetics.

Attractiveness is often associated with beauty at face value, yet opinions on what’s ‘hot or not’ are prone to clashing. While it doesn’t completely solve a difference of opinion, there have been numerous studies that show the science behind the attraction to a particular set of attributes.

Pearly White Teeth

A study by the University of Leeds Institute of Psychological Sciences in Leeds, UK, suggested that yellow, crooked or uneven teeth were perceived by others as less attractive, however the study also discovered that overly whitened, brilliant teeth were viewed as unnatural, and no more attractive than a regular white smile.

To keep your teeth looking great, ensure they’re clean, healthy and attend regular dentist check-up appointments to ensure stunning pearly whites.

Ruby Red Lips

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology conducted a study that discovered a correlation between the color red and the attraction that men experience towards females. The study stated that men appear ‘unaware’ of the effect the color is having on their attraction, so women may be pleased to add this trick to their arsenal, applying red lipstick for important dates.

Small Waist, Large Hips

While the fashion industry may use very slender models in their campaigns and runway shows, researchers from New Zealand in 2009 aimed to analyse the eye-tracking of men’s preferences for waist to hip ratio and breast size of women.

The study concluded that men prefer a waist to hip ratio of around 7:10 far more than the smaller 9:10 ratio, showing that curves truly are attractive, despite how often women try to lose them!

A Higher Pitch

A study conducted in 2013 by Yi Xu at University College London, UK, created a focus on human vocal attractiveness, eventually concluding that men prefer the voices of females to be higher pitched and ‘breathy’.

5 Signs Your Hairstyle is Terrible


Your hair is a key aspect of your image, often serving as a focal point that defines our overall style. There are numerous ways we end up with hairstyles. Whether you saw a photo depicting the cut in a magazine, copied your favorite celebrity or simply let your hair grow out naturally, your general style will have come from some source of inspiration.

While you may not think of hair as a particularly important aspect, it’s actually a key attribute of a woman’s look.

When experiencing a bad hair day, a woman may automatically write off the day as a bad one, due to the hit her self-confidence has taken or the frustration at any styling related mishaps that may have taken place that morning.

The hair is a symbol of femininity, of identity, of freedom and of beauty, alongside the liberation of a woman’s right to portray herself as she pleases.

As a result of this importance, the hair and beauty industry is worth billions of dollars, with the average woman spending approximately $50,000 on products and treatments over her lifetime.

However, as well meaning as your style may have been, they aren’t always what we expected, with visits to the salon often ending in tears or stress.

That’s the first sign your hair style may not be your best choice.

People may begin to stare

Additionally, a horrendous haircut may attract stares or comments from your peers. You may be able to pretend not to notice the questionable glances, but words can hurt and do real damage to your self-esteem.

While it’s important to stay true to yourself and stick to your guns when it comes to your own appearance, you may be uncomfortable with this negative attention, especially if you’re not a fan of the hairstyle yourself.

4 Signs People Hate Your Clothing Style


People can develop their clothing style in a number of ways. Some may copy the looks of their favourite celebrity, while many will adapt to the trends as determined by their peers at school or work. Others may find clothing they love online, or even just allow their ideal look to form by itself, based on items they’ve build up over time, creating an eclectic mix.

As trivial as it may seem to some, fashion truly does matter. The Guardian reports of the 2014 book release ‘Why Fashion Matters’ by Frances Corner, head of the London College of Fashion, a renowned international school offering qualifications and degrees for a career within the fashion industry.

The book outlines 101 statements that support the thesis that fashion is a relevant pursuit and explain how it affects the world around us today. It even elaborates on how one can remain intellectual and focus on important matters such as politics and feminism while still enjoying the engagement of fashion.

While a little indulgent, the book makes some fair points, proving just how important it is to dress to impress in today’s society.

However, not everyone is born with fabulous fashion sense, meaning that some of the outfits you throw together may not look as sleek or fashionable as you originally thought. Although cruel, this can often result in negative attention and lower your self-esteem as a result.

Strange looks can say it all

It’s normal to glance around at others, or ‘people watch’ while out and about, however you may notice more people than usual looking your way and giving your outfit the once over.

The opinion of a stranger you’ll never see again shouldn’t matter, but if this is happening on a regular basis, it could be a sign your style is commonly disliked. If you like it, that’s great, but if you’re doubting yourself, this could be the final push towards seeking some stylish new threads.

8 Reasons Beauty Products are a Big Waste of Money


Women in today’s society are often told they ‘need’ the latest skincare cream or miracle treatment, fuelled by promises to make you look 10 years younger or add a little luxury to your regime, but often, spending money on such products is simply a waste.

False claims.

One of the main reasons to avoid expensive products is the claims made by the manufacturer. The packaging will make far-fetched promises, such as reversing the effects of ageing or preventing natural lines. However, as suggested by All Women Stalk, if these claims were true, the products would be classed as medications and would only be available on a prescription from a dermatologist.

Today, with the easy accessibility of the internet, there’s really no reason to fall for such claims. Before buying a product, search for it online, where it will likely have been reviewed by bloggers, consumers or make-up artists who, providing they have not been paid by the company, will be more than happy to share their true opinions with their reader base.

It’s also worth taking common sense into account when looking at the packaging of each product. For example, if a bust cream from the drugstore could really create a fuller effect, why do so many women opt for breast enhancement surgery? Clearly, the cream is unable to compete. This isn’t the only example that’s scientifically inaccurate, however. Many hair products claim to reverse the effect of split ends, however this is physically impossible! While the effects can be reduced or given a smoother finish, the only way to ‘remove’ a split end is to cut it off and let the hair grow back.

Pressuring advertisements.

Many of the products we are told we ‘need’ are actually not mandatory to healthy skin. For example, skincare companies or sales associates will tell women that an eye cream is essential to keeping the skin around the eye healthy and supple, however Paula’s Choice explains that there is actually no evidence, research or documentation to suggest that the eye area requires anything different to the ingredients that exist in your regular face cream. Rather than believe the hype, do a little research online to see if there is any scientific background to the manufacturer’s claims. Chances are, you don’t need the product at all.

7 Little-known Shopping Tricks to Save Lots of Money


In the current climate, saving money appears to be on the minds of the majority of consumers, constantly looking for the best deal before making a purchase.

By taking the time to review and learn a few simple strategies, you’ll be able to make your budget go further, allowing you to put the money you save aside for a rainy day.

According to Fidelity, only approximately one third of people in the United States make any kind of finance related resolutions, and out of the ones who did, only half had the goal of saving more money aside. While that’s great for them, more people should consider the effects of saving and how it could benefit them in the long time.

It’s no secret that saving can be difficult, especially if it involves cutting back on the little luxuries you’re used to, but over time, these good habits will become a day of life, especially if your progress is supported by easy tricks to ensure you’re comfortable whilst remaining frugal.

Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago states that “we tend to revert to our long run tendencies. To effect real changes, you have to make some structural change in the environment.”

This suggests that by making a genuine change to your lifestyle, money saving will be a far easier task, leaving you with more money in the bank.


Thaler goes on to discuss inertia and how people today are victims. People are used to not taking action. As a result, if something appears difficult (such as saving money regularly), it’s likely that many will simply not bother to try.

While many employees across the nation have 401(k) plans that automatically save around three percent of their income, financial planners recommend saving around 10% for it to be effective for the long haul and make a difference to your retirement fund.


It’s understandable that you can’t set your saving plans in stone. Things come up and expenses can be unpredictable, not to mention the fact you could lose your job and need to rely on your existing cash to get by.

Instead, try not to focus on the concept of saving as a whole. Researchers at the University of Toronto suggested that savers are often overwhelmed by the amount of goals they are expected to save towards, recommending they instead choose prioritized causes to work towards.

You may also look at how your goals could be combined. Time suggests, for example, if you’re saving for a car and a vacation at once, combine it into a ‘road trip’ fund to make it seem more manageable and less overwhelming.

7 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Old


As people, especially women, age, the idea of holding on to youth becomes apparent. The effects begin to effect the way we look, and our favourite clothing items may not look as good or appear as forgiving. As a result, many individuals begin to take the steps to a more youthful appearance, often relating to beauty, hair and clothing.

While it’s unlikely you’ll fool anyone into thinking you’re in your 20s, you can certainly give the illusion of turning the clock back a few years by making the right choices in fashion and style or using effective, illuminating beauty products.

However, there are number of fashion mistakes that can actually make you look older than you are, which as time goes on, may not be the illusion you were hoping to achieve. There are a variety of accessories to style in to your outfits, as well as a few recommended style rules and guidelines to follow that can ensure a stylish, youthful look done right.

Less is often more when it comes to accessories

Very large pieces of costume jewellery can overwhelm you or look dated when combined with the rest of your outfit, while simple, delicate pieces offer a classic, feminine effect that’s perfect for women of any age. However, that doesn’t mean you have to take a boring approach to accessorizing. Aim for a happy mixture of the two, choosing modern, stylish pieces that suit the size of your body. They needn’t be dull, as stylish pieces can be found in all kinds of styles and a wide array of colors. Even glitter or sparkle can be age appropriate!

Taking the ‘less is more’ concept a little further, you may also wish to avoid a cluttered effect, which can look confusing and uncoordinated. Mismatched metals are distracting, while matching sets date both you and the items themselves. Coordinate, but don’t match, and as a result, your chosen pieces will play off each other perfectly.

Use accessories to draw attention away from areas you dislike. If you’d rather people focused on your face, draw them to the area using earrings, necklaces or scarves.

Colors are important

While black can be classy, woman tend to get paler with age, causing black clothing accessories to look stark in comparison, ageing your face and body. As a result, it may be best avoided when attending casual events. Add some warmth by using accessories in fun yet classic colors that combine well with your outfit.

9 Easy Tricks to Make Your Skin Look Much Younger


When you start to notice the effects of ageing, it’s natural to begin looking at ways to reduce them or cover them up. Vivian Diller, Ph.D and Jill Muir-Skenick, Ph.D. suggest that while humans understand the concept of ageing, we are likely to be worried at the first sign of a grey hair or wrinkle.

They go on to explain that women often equate beauty with youth, eventually feeling dispensable and even threatened by younger co-workers or friends. They may begin to question themselves, wondering if they are still as beautiful as they once were, or whether their success could be stunted with age. There is always the worry that employers will prefer younger workers who may seem more energetic, likely due to society’s worship of youth and good looks.

Of course, this can be scary, however reputable treatments can help to combat both the physical and mental effects that are brought on by ageing.

There are hundreds of products on the market claiming to offer anti-ageing miracles, however these are often false claims and it can be difficult to differentiate between hype and genuinely helpful products. They may also contain harmful chemicals, causing harsh effects on the skin, so it’s important to understand which ingredients are right for you before purchasing.

Surgery is another option that’s growing in popularity, but it should be considered a last resort rather than a way of life. By undergoing surgery, you run the risk of scarring, which is likely to create a more negative view of one’s appearance than the effects of ageing. Surgery scars, also known as hypertrophic scars, are thick, red, and do not usually fade easily.

You’d also have to endure the bruising and swelling, which is a normal aspect of surgery yet can be difficult to disguise, especially on the face. Further effects may include sagging in the surgical area, which is likely the opposite of what you were looking for. Finally, if you’re not happy with the results, you can’t simply go back on them. Therefore, it’s wise to explore other treatments that may be just as beneficial, before committing to cosmetic surgery.

Luckily, there are a range of helpful tips and tricks that can give your skin a radiant, youthful effect, without the need for harsh ingredients or surgical procedures.

Fight Your Laughter Lines

With age, it’s natural to develop fine, vertical lines around the mouth, also known as laughter lines. They’re etched into our skin as we talk, eat, drink or laugh, hence their common name. Their development can be stalled by the use of a good sunscreen, combined with a collagen booster or anti-ageing treatment used daily. Specifically, products that contain hyaluronic acid or madecassoside will help to delay the process.

Take Care of Your Lips

When your lips become dry and flaky, they will look thinner and wrinkled, adding to the effects of ageing. By restoring moisture, you’ll bring back the natural plumpness and youthful look of your lips, making your face appear younger overall. Try rich balm treatments with healing properties or a rejuvenating tinted gloss as part of your make-up routine.

Make Your Hardboiled Eggs Golden With This Simple Trick

golden Hardboiled Eggs

If you are the type of person who just liked to experiment with his or her breakfast, then you will certainly love this trick that will help you create golden hard boiled eggs, inside the shell, without too much effort. Simply known as “golden eggs”, these eggs have been scrambled inside before being cracked, and the yellow blob that results comes from mixing the white and the egg yolk together. This is a great cooking trick that you can use if you want to impress somebody or just to make an easy and delicious breakfast that stands out from the crowd. As a matter of fact, the golden hard boiled eggs are considered to be a very appreciated delicacy in Japan – however, the trick is so amazing and the eggs taste so good that they have become widely consumed all over the world.

Things You Need For Making The Golden Eggs
First things first, you will need to have either a pair of stockings or a long sleeve T-shirt, along with two pieces of rope or two rubber bands that will help you keep the egg in place. Having said that, all you have to do is to tie up the egg so that it is securely in place inside the sleeve, then simply wind it up while pulling. By shaking the egg yolk and the egg white inside the shell, the two will eventually mix together and then you can simply boil the egg just the way you would boil any other egg.
Golden egg with this simple trick