Antioxidants May Be Counterproductive To Endurance In Workouts

Antioxidants May Be Counterproductive To Endurance In Workouts

Some people gain muscle mass a lot easier than others, and it everything comes down to one’s metabolism. Having said that, while some people are able to gain muscles by simply shifting to a balanced diet, others might have to resort to supplements and antioxidant vitamins that do benefit them on many different levels. Antioxidant vitamins actually come in handy for everybody, not just for endurance athletes or bodybuilders, especially during the cold season when our immune systems need an extra boost to function correctly.

Having said that, antioxidant vitamins are particularly popular amongst those who exercise rigorously, and who focus primarily on strength training – and that is perfectly understandable, given the fact that supplements are good for alleviating the painful muscle damage that occurs during the workout, and to take the overall effects of the exercise to the next level.

As good as the antioxidant vitamins may be at first sight, the truth is that the supplements can take their toll on your endurance, especially if you are a runner. Another discovery that has taken most of the athletes by surprise was the fact that in some instances, it is believed that the antioxidants may even reduce the overall benefits of weight training, as opposed to increasing them.

Before moving on to explaining why is it that antioxidant vitamins can do endurance athletes more harm than good in certain instances, it is firstly important to stress the fact that antioxidants such as Vitamin E and C (which are widely regarded as the most potent ones, both by athletes and by doctors) come in handy for preventing the free radicals from damaging your body and causing oxidative stress.

As you may know already, both the strength training (which aims to help you gain muscle mass) and cardiovascular training are great for counteracting the molecules that are responsible for tissue damage, and for a variety of other conditions. This is where the antioxidants step in, as they have the natural property of neutralizing the free radicals and lessening some of the soreness and the damage caused by the free radicals. By doing so, the antioxidant vitamins will automatically alleviate the training-related pain, thus helping you train harder and more efficiently.