Amazing Facts About Pistachio

pistachios Great Source Of Energy
7. Great Source Of Energy
Pistachios are not precisely the best choice for those who are trying to get rid of the extra pounds, given the fact that one 100g serving of these nuts provides you with around 550 calories. Even so, nobody can argue the fact that pistachios are extremely healthy, and that consuming them on a regular basis can not only reduce the risk for bad LDL cholesterol, but also increase the levels of good HDL cholesterol in your bloodstream. In addition to this, the fact that pistachios are very rich in antioxidants along with mono-unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fibers makes them a great choice for those who are prone to developing coronary artery disease, given the fact that they increase the healthy blood lipid profile, thus keeping this condition at bay.

8. Pistachios Are Great For The Health of Your Teeth
For centuries, people have consumed pistachios not only because of their intense aroma, but also because it is known that chewing on the pistachio tree pitch can whiten your teeth, it can thoroughly clean them and freshen your breath at the same time.

9. Used In Traditional Medicine And Very Easy To Carry
One of the countless different uses of pistachios in ancient times include traditional medicine, where pistachios were widely used as folk remedies designed to treat ailments that range all the way from toothaches to sclerosis of the liver. In addition to this, pistachios also happened to be the favorite food of early explorers and traders, as they were frequently carried by those who traveled from China to the Western countries, given their high nutritional value along with their long storage life.