Amazing Facts About Pistachio Amazing Facts About Pistachio
3. Pistachios Are Not Nuts This is a fun fact that very few people are aware of, but the truth is that pistachios are... Amazing Facts About Pistachio

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3. Pistachios Are Not Nuts
This is a fun fact that very few people are aware of, but the truth is that pistachios are not nuts, technically. These are seeds of yellow or red fruits that are very similar to plums from many points of view, and whose flesh is being removed during the processing. The only reason why everybody refers to pistachios as nuts is because they do look like nuts, and also because they are part of the well-known cashew family, although it is known that the cashew family includes other plants that are far from being regarded as nuts, such as the poison ivy or mangos.

4. Pistachios Have A Royal Background
Another very interesting fact about pistachios is that they have a royal background, and the legend says that Queen Sheba has declared them as exclusively royal food, and that only royals were allowed to consume them. As a matter of fact, the Queen took pistachios so seriously that she even prohibited commoners from growing their nuts. Nonetheless, Queen Sheba was not the only one whose passion for pistachios remained written in history, as it is also known that the ancient king of Babylon was passionate about them as well. It is also believed that pistachios were so appreciated in ancient Babylon that king Nebuchadnezzar even planted them in the well-known Hanging Gardens of the Babylon. These are only two of the important historical figures whose passion for pistachios has transcended time.

5. Pistachios Rarely Come In Their Natural Color
Did you know the fact that the natural color of pistachio is green, and that they are often dyed in order to make them even more appealing and eye-catching to the consumer? For instance, some of the pistachio vendors in the United States commonly dye the pistachios red, in order to disguise their imperfections and to attract the attention of the buyer.

6. Great Source Of Antioxidants
Antioxidants play a very important role in our lives these days, given the fact that they shield us from the adverse elements that our bodies come into contact with on a daily basis, such as pollution. Pistachios are an outstanding natural source of strong antioxidant, along with other phytochemical substances such as Vitamin E or carotenes, all of which are very popular for fighting off free radicals and all the side effects associated with them. By removing the toxic oxygen-free radicals from the body, pistachios can reduce the risk for cancers and they can also boost the function of your immune system.

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