Amazing Facts About Pistachio

Pistachios Are Great For The Health of Your Teeth

We are all more than familiar with pistachio – delicious and intensely flavored at the same time, pistachios have been a symbol of robust health and wellness since the dawn of civilization. Filled with nutrients and fiber, these nuts are essential for optimum health, and numerous studies have been conducted over the years only to re-confirm what we already knew: the fact that pistachios benefit your health on many different levels. Having said that, here are some notable facts about pistachios, that you did not know before:

1. The Pistachio Oil Is Amongst The Healthiest Cooking Oils On The Market
Nowadays, we are able to extract oil from virtually any seed (and not only), from sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to olives and coconuts – however, the truth is that the pistachio oil turns out to be healthier and better to cook with, than most of the others. Not only is it very high in beneficial amino acids, but it also has a very strong nutty aroma along with outstanding emollient properties – by using pistachio oil, you will both improve your overall health status and you will also keep your skin properly moisturized, thus preventing it from drying. The pistachio oil is used not only for cooking, but for a variety of other applications: it is widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and it is also used in aromatherapy as well as massage therapy, due to its pleasant, intense and relaxing aroma.

2. It Can Counteract The Effects Of Stress
A study that was recently conducted by the State University of Pennsylvania has revealed the fact that, if consumed on a regular basis, pistachios can actually minimize the effects of stress. The study was conducted on volunteers with high cholesterol and normal blood pressure, and it has shown that those who eat approximately one to two ounces of pistachio nuts on a daily basis can significantly decrease their cholesterol levels as well as keep their blood pressure within the normal range.