9 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Beautiful

Squeeze it dry, don’t rub.

Adir Abergel, a celebrity stylist with Fekkai, suggests carefully wringing water from the hair with a paper towel after you shower. While this may be time consuming, it’s an effective way to fight frizz, due to the lower level of friction when compared to a towel. Abergel also claims this speeds up the drying time, allowing you to start your day quicker.

Always take care to avoid rubbing the hair aggressively with a towel, as wet hair is more fragile and this may result in breakage or loss of strands. Do not brush wet hair, due to this fragility. Similarly, it’s important to avoid over-brushing, even when dry. Contrary to popular belief, this can also result in damage.

Keep it fixed.

While up-dos can be the perfect option for creating a sleek style in a hurry, you may notice they’re often slipping down by lunchtime. According to LA-based stylist Mark Townsend, spraying a little dry shampoo on a bobby pin before sliding it into the hair will give it the texture it needs to ensure it stays put for the long haul.

Take care of your scalp.

While many women take the time to condition and detangle their strands, the scalp is often neglected, which can result in product build up, weakened hair and slow growth rates. Try using a clarifying shampoo once a week to de-clog your follicles and ensure a clean, healthy scalp.

Protect your hair from heat damage

Blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons are in most women’s arsenal, allowing them to create swoon-worthy locks, but many skip over protection in the process. Heat opens up the hair’s hair shaft, leaving it susceptible to damage and even resulting in your color fading quicker than usual. This can be easily prevented through the use of a good quality heat protection spray. Simply spray it on to towel dried hair before blow drying to lock in the moisture needed for a healthy texture, softness and shine. Heat protectors are also available in the form of gel, serum or cream, so select the one that works best for you.