9 Easy Tricks to Make Your Skin Look Much Younger


When you start to notice the effects of ageing, it’s natural to begin looking at ways to reduce them or cover them up. Vivian Diller, Ph.D and Jill Muir-Skenick, Ph.D. suggest that while humans understand the concept of ageing, we are likely to be worried at the first sign of a grey hair or wrinkle.

They go on to explain that women often equate beauty with youth, eventually feeling dispensable and even threatened by younger co-workers or friends. They may begin to question themselves, wondering if they are still as beautiful as they once were, or whether their success could be stunted with age. There is always the worry that employers will prefer younger workers who may seem more energetic, likely due to society’s worship of youth and good looks.

Of course, this can be scary, however reputable treatments can help to combat both the physical and mental effects that are brought on by ageing.

There are hundreds of products on the market claiming to offer anti-ageing miracles, however these are often false claims and it can be difficult to differentiate between hype and genuinely helpful products. They may also contain harmful chemicals, causing harsh effects on the skin, so it’s important to understand which ingredients are right for you before purchasing.

Surgery is another option that’s growing in popularity, but it should be considered a last resort rather than a way of life. By undergoing surgery, you run the risk of scarring, which is likely to create a more negative view of one’s appearance than the effects of ageing. Surgery scars, also known as hypertrophic scars, are thick, red, and do not usually fade easily.

You’d also have to endure the bruising and swelling, which is a normal aspect of surgery yet can be difficult to disguise, especially on the face. Further effects may include sagging in the surgical area, which is likely the opposite of what you were looking for. Finally, if you’re not happy with the results, you can’t simply go back on them. Therefore, it’s wise to explore other treatments that may be just as beneficial, before committing to cosmetic surgery.

Luckily, there are a range of helpful tips and tricks that can give your skin a radiant, youthful effect, without the need for harsh ingredients or surgical procedures.

Fight Your Laughter Lines

With age, it’s natural to develop fine, vertical lines around the mouth, also known as laughter lines. They’re etched into our skin as we talk, eat, drink or laugh, hence their common name. Their development can be stalled by the use of a good sunscreen, combined with a collagen booster or anti-ageing treatment used daily. Specifically, products that contain hyaluronic acid or madecassoside will help to delay the process.

Take Care of Your Lips

When your lips become dry and flaky, they will look thinner and wrinkled, adding to the effects of ageing. By restoring moisture, you’ll bring back the natural plumpness and youthful look of your lips, making your face appear younger overall. Try rich balm treatments with healing properties or a rejuvenating tinted gloss as part of your make-up routine.