8 Reasons Beauty Products are a Big Waste of Money

Have you really run out?

Do you find yourself building up a collection of half-empty pots? If so, there’s really no need to waste your money on shiny new products. Don’t waste your existing products, make the most of them and use them up, only replacing them when you truly need to. If you like the products you already own, there isn’t really a need to purchase every new product that’s released.

Using up your stash before replenishing it will not only save money, but also benefit the environment and your home storage!

You can easily find a dupe!

With the amount of products on the market today, it’s easy to find a similar shade, colour or style at an affordable price. Many cheaper brands take influence from high-end products, offering the ‘next best thing’ to budget conscious consumers.

Additionally, many high-end ranges also offer more affordable lines. These are often essentially the same, only with less luxurious packaging, resulting in lower marketing costs. They are created in the same factory by the same experts, and will likely do exactly the same thing, so save your money and stick to your budget.

You’re beautiful as you are.

Yes it’s cheesy, controversial and even cliché, but it’s true! Clear skin, bright eyes, a good standard of hygiene and clean, well kept hair can be all you need to look your best, without any miracle product that covers up your natural features. Unless you enjoy the process of wearing make-up for yourself, there is little need to follow society’s trends. Simply be yourself and use the products (or lack of) you’re comfortable with.

If you take into account the true nature of the beauty industry, as well as the fact may products are simply unnecessary, you’ll be able to streamline your collection, save money and spare your skin the product build-up that can occur from overuse of treatments.