8 Reasons Beauty Products are a Big Waste of Money

Take a leaf out of your Grandma’s book.

Back in their youths, our grandmothers only had a limited selection of products to choose from, yet many of them appear to have healthy, supple skin for their age! This simply proves the benefits of sticking to a simple skincare regime, busting the claims that countless products are needed to keep the skin looking its best.

By using natural, affordable, easy to come by ingredients such as shea butter and almond oil, you can make your own effective moisturiser indefinitely. You’ll also reap the benefits of not applying harsh chemicals to your skin.

The key to great skin doesn’t come in a jar.

There are ‘treatments’ that can do far more for your skin than any wonder cream or serum, and they include a healthy diet and a good night’s sleep!

Eating foods rich in antioxidants will help fight wrinkles, while healthy fats found in fish can help hydrate the skin, leaving a healthy, glowing complexion.

When you don’t sleep enough, your skin won’t regenerate overnight to the same extent, leading to dull and tired effects. Ensure you get the recommended amount of sleep to allow your body to heal and repair as you rest.

There’s also the idea of genetics to consider, as both your DNA and lifestyle can contribute to the condition of your skin.

Take a look from a business perspective.

Think of the goal of any good business: money. Skin care manufacturers do not truly care about the state of your skin, they simply want to make a profit by selling as many items as they can. To do this, they’ll use marketing claims or even play on your self-esteem to ensure you part with your money as quickly as possible to make the product your own.

While there’s no denying there are some great make-up and beauty products out there, bear the business perspective in mind when shopping for your next ‘must have’ and you may think twice about believing their alluring statements.