8 Reasons Beauty Products are a Big Waste of Money


Women in today’s society are often told they ‘need’ the latest skincare cream or miracle treatment, fuelled by promises to make you look 10 years younger or add a little luxury to your regime, but often, spending money on such products is simply a waste.

False claims.

One of the main reasons to avoid expensive products is the claims made by the manufacturer. The packaging will make far-fetched promises, such as reversing the effects of ageing or preventing natural lines. However, as suggested by All Women Stalk, if these claims were true, the products would be classed as medications and would only be available on a prescription from a dermatologist.

Today, with the easy accessibility of the internet, there’s really no reason to fall for such claims. Before buying a product, search for it online, where it will likely have been reviewed by bloggers, consumers or make-up artists who, providing they have not been paid by the company, will be more than happy to share their true opinions with their reader base.

It’s also worth taking common sense into account when looking at the packaging of each product. For example, if a bust cream from the drugstore could really create a fuller effect, why do so many women opt for breast enhancement surgery? Clearly, the cream is unable to compete. This isn’t the only example that’s scientifically inaccurate, however. Many hair products claim to reverse the effect of split ends, however this is physically impossible! While the effects can be reduced or given a smoother finish, the only way to ‘remove’ a split end is to cut it off and let the hair grow back.

Pressuring advertisements.

Many of the products we are told we ‘need’ are actually not mandatory to healthy skin. For example, skincare companies or sales associates will tell women that an eye cream is essential to keeping the skin around the eye healthy and supple, however Paula’s Choice explains that there is actually no evidence, research or documentation to suggest that the eye area requires anything different to the ingredients that exist in your regular face cream. Rather than believe the hype, do a little research online to see if there is any scientific background to the manufacturer’s claims. Chances are, you don’t need the product at all.