7 Signs Your Liver is in Bad Condition

Internal Symptoms
It is often easier to notice something is wrong when it manifests itself internally because it throws us off guard when we see something that isn’t right. But it’s just as important to be cognizant of how you’re feeling, and if anything is ailing you from within.
Here are a few things to take note of:
A Weakened Immune System
Again, when the liver is occupied with foreign toxins, it has less time to aid the body and immune system. This means a heightened sensitivity to chemicals and allergens, which may not have had a significant negative impact on the body in the past..
Pain and Swelling Of the Abdominals
Your liver is a large organ (weighing around 3 pounds) that sits in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen. When the liver has to work excessively and becomes inflamed, it may cause pain and in more severe cases swelling.
If you notice consistent pain that doesn’t appear to be muscular, or any abnormal swelling, seek medical attention.
Healing Your Liver
Healing the liver often brings up images of detoxing, which is eating and drinking (or avoiding) certain foods and nutrients to allow the liver to heal. While detoxing is great for the body, the first step is to simply avoid any negative behaviors and substances.
This means cutting back on things like alcohol consumption, and eating too much junk food. Also, many prescription and over the counter medicines can cause liver damage.
Take some time to think about your lifestyle, including diet and exercise, as well as what you’re putting in your body and think about how that may be affecting your liver. Once you take the time to do so, you will definitely see the difference.