7 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Old

In addition to accessories, ensure your clothes are the correct size

If your clothing is too large for your frame, it can make you look frumpy or dishevelled. Baggy clothing will also make you look heavier overall, which can also have an ageing effect. On the other hand, if your clothing is too small, any extra pounds will be strongly visible, as will any other features you’d rather hide.

Additionally, there are several clothing items that can have ageing effects. Mom jeans, for example – those high waisted, tapered style denim jeans, add weight to the belly and are associated with older moms and even grandmothers.

A good bra can be a worthy accessory

Yes, the bra is an accessory, often creating a world of difference to your outfit. If your bra is not well fitted, you’ll likely experience a sagging effect that’s usually associated with the gravitational pull of ageing.

Most importantly, remain age appropriate

You may work out or have great genes that have left you with a great stomach and lean legs as a result, however this doesn’t give you a free pass to exhibit them in miniskirts or navel baring tops. Dressing in such youth oriented styles will only draw further attention to your age. Dressing a little younger can be incredibly stylish, yet dressing like a teenager or draping yourself in neon plastic jewelry will create the dreaded ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ effect. Instead, go for chic styles that accentuate the best features of your body, without flaunting them for all to see.

Plan in Advance

If you plan your outfits and accessories in advance or spend some time browsing online for stylish ideas, making the change to begin dressing well for your age shouldn’t take much of your time. Subsequently, you’ll be happier in yourself due to more self confidence and may even be taken more seriously thanks to your enviable style sense!