7 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Old


Flashy hair accessories may not be suited to a more mature aesthetic

Upon entering any accessory store, you’ll notice countless items designed for adding a little sparkle or style to the hair, however many of these are aimed at kids, teenagers or young adults.

It’s important to search for an accessory that suits your age, as well as your overall style. Mature, stylish women should avoid bright accessories such as ribbons or flowers, which can often create a childlike appearance.

Sleek accessories can be suited to most social events or situations, adding a touch of interest to your style without being flashy or ostentatious. This is key for creating a classy, timeless look that will help you look well put together, yet not overly decorated.

It’s important to select an accessory that complements the rest of your outfit, in order to avoid mismatched clutter or ‘noise’. This doesn’t necessarily mean color coordinating, though. Simply ensure the accessory does not have contrasting details or patterns to your outfit and you’ll be ready to go.

Focus on your comfort

Comfort is key for ensuring a youthful demeanor. While they may be stunning accessories in themselves, they are meaningless if you’re not comfortable wearing them during your event. The more uncomfortable you are, the more likely you are to frown or look downcast, which can have an ageing effect on your face and enhance existing fine lines or wrinkles.

By staying comfortable, you’ll be more likely to remain positive throughout the day, leading to a healthy, radiant smile.

Keep it simple

A minimalist, simple approach is often associated with classic, timeless beauty. In the case of accessories, this simply means ‘don’t overdo it’. One hair accessory is enough, in addition to well put together jewelry and a classy, chic handbag.