7 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Old


As people, especially women, age, the idea of holding on to youth becomes apparent. The effects begin to effect the way we look, and our favourite clothing items may not look as good or appear as forgiving. As a result, many individuals begin to take the steps to a more youthful appearance, often relating to beauty, hair and clothing.

While it’s unlikely you’ll fool anyone into thinking you’re in your 20s, you can certainly give the illusion of turning the clock back a few years by making the right choices in fashion and style or using effective, illuminating beauty products.

However, there are number of fashion mistakes that can actually make you look older than you are, which as time goes on, may not be the illusion you were hoping to achieve. There are a variety of accessories to style in to your outfits, as well as a few recommended style rules and guidelines to follow that can ensure a stylish, youthful look done right.

Less is often more when it comes to accessories

Very large pieces of costume jewellery can overwhelm you or look dated when combined with the rest of your outfit, while simple, delicate pieces offer a classic, feminine effect that’s perfect for women of any age. However, that doesn’t mean you have to take a boring approach to accessorizing. Aim for a happy mixture of the two, choosing modern, stylish pieces that suit the size of your body. They needn’t be dull, as stylish pieces can be found in all kinds of styles and a wide array of colors. Even glitter or sparkle can be age appropriate!

Taking the ‘less is more’ concept a little further, you may also wish to avoid a cluttered effect, which can look confusing and uncoordinated. Mismatched metals are distracting, while matching sets date both you and the items themselves. Coordinate, but don’t match, and as a result, your chosen pieces will play off each other perfectly.

Use accessories to draw attention away from areas you dislike. If you’d rather people focused on your face, draw them to the area using earrings, necklaces or scarves.

Colors are important

While black can be classy, woman tend to get paler with age, causing black clothing accessories to look stark in comparison, ageing your face and body. As a result, it may be best avoided when attending casual events. Add some warmth by using accessories in fun yet classic colors that combine well with your outfit.