5 Yummy Drinks for Amazing Body Detox

What to avoid

Certain drinks are hard on the body and may contain toxins that will counteract the hard work and planning you’ve put into your cleanse or detox. It’s important to stay focused on your detoxification after committing, so knowing which beverages will cause you harm will help you cut them out during your detox period.

Alcohol is damaging to the liver cells, which can drastically reduce the effects of your detoxification. If the liver is not functioning at its full capability, it will struggle to break down the toxins within your body, defeating the purpose of the cleanse. Give your liver a break by omitting alcohol completely while detoxing. Your body will thank you for it!

Coffee is allowed during many detoxes, however it’s recommended you stick to just one cup per day. If you’re struggling to cut back, try switching to decaffeinated coffee before weaning yourself off it altogether.

Milk and other dairy products are difficult for the body to digest, even for those who are not lactose intolerant. You may not be aware that while our bodies are designed to consume milk as children, over 65% of adults have some level of lactose intolerance, suggesting that, in actuality, milk is not intended for adult drinkers, let alone during a detox. While cutting back permanently is probably unnecessary unless you’re experiencing side effects of consuming dairy, it’s worth avoiding milk during your cleanse to give your detoxification system a break.

Overall, the drinks you choose to consume can help you stay healthy, prevent signs of ageing and ensure your body releases unwanted toxins efficiently, leading to glowing skin and a positive outlook.

As with all changes to your body, it is important to check in with a health professional before detoxing or fasting. This allows your doctor to keep track of your health and look out for any negative side effects that may occur, ensuring you’re in safe hands as you complete your healthy mission.