5 Yummy Drinks for Amazing Body Detox


Detoxing can make you feel happier, healthier and fresh, due to the body’s release of toxins. Detoxes can also help to prevent chronic diseases and enhance your immune system, so there’s no better time to take on a new cleansing challenge.

Most detoxes focus on drinks, rather than foods, and there are a number of ways to incorporate these healthy beverages into your daily diet.


Most people will agree that fruit smoothies are delicious, making them the perfect way to detox yet still feel as if you’re enjoying an indulgent treat. They can include any combination of fruits or vegetables, allowing you to easily refreshed, cleansed and energized.

It’s even possible, and perhaps even beneficial, to create your own smoothies by using a smoothie maker at home! There are detox smoothie recipe books available to purchase, in addition to countless recipes that are completely free to view online. You may also find that making your own recipes proves to be more affordable and even healthier than the store brands, especially if you take into account the added sugar that many manufacturers include.


For those dedicated who are open to ideas that are a little more extreme, juice cleanses are a delicious yet challenging option to replenish the body, each with their own unique benefits.

The cleanse is designed to omit all food, in favour of fruit and vegetable juices as a source of nutrition.

They are available from a number of different companies, both online and in health stores, with each offering an array of delicious flavors.

However, cleansers should be aware that juice cleanses have attracted a lot of criticism and controversy, as they are often marketed as a weight loss tool, promoting starvation and unhealthy weight loss techniques relating to dangerous eating disorders.