5 Signs Your Hairstyle is Terrible

758115_ml You failed to research styles before committing

Chances are, the reason your hair looks terrible is because you didn’t do your research before selecting a style. After making the decision to change your hairstyle for the better, it’s important to ensure you make the right choice this time. By taking into account your overall style and facial configuration, you’ll be able to determine which cuts and colors would flatter you.

Firstly, you’ll need to understand your face shape, with your end goal being a style that’s in opposition to your shape. For example, square, sharp or angular faces are complemented with soft layers and waves, while a long, oval face can be made to appear shorter by adding in some bangs.

The texture of your hair is also relevant when deciding how to have it cut, as certain styles simply do not combine well with certain textures. For example, short, choppy styles that look fabulous when straightened will require a lot of upkeep and styling for someone whose hair is naturally thick and curly.

Thin hair works extremely well with layered styles that create volume, especially when opting for shorter cuts that fall to no further than the shoulders.

Thicker hair should be kept longer, to avoid it morphing into a triangular shape.

Those with medium-thick hair are lucky, as this texture can hold a wide range of styles, giving you the opportunity to play with short, long, layered or textured style as you please.

Ideally, a haircut will play up the existing strengths of your body or face, making you feel attractive and improving your self-confidence.

For example, if you have an elegant neck, try short cuts or up-dos to show it off. Bangs on the other hand, can draw attention to the eyes, especially if they’re cut to subtly skim your eyebrows.

On the contrary, your flaws can also be concealed through hairstyles. Many people dislike their ears, which are easy to cover up with long styles. Broad foreheads can also be concealed with the addition of bangs.

Finally, color can be used to improve your appearance, draw attention to your face and hair and create a polished impression, however it’s important to ensure the color you’ve chosen will complement your skin tone. If you’ve fallen victim to a bad haircut, taking the right advice can prevent the situation from repeating itself, leaving you with luscious, enviable hair that you’re proud to show off.