5 Signs Your Hairstyle is Terrible

Is honestly really an ideal policy

Let’s face it, honesty can hurt. Hopefully, any comments regarding your hair will be directed at you from the well-meaning tongue of a loving friend or family member who won’t be too hard on you, however bullying from schoolmates, co-workers or even strangers is unfortunately a very real possibility in the worst case scenario.

These opinions might be the final straw, enabling you to bite the bullet and get it styled, colored or cut once and for all. Try not to take criticism personally, as they may simply want to know the background of your style or even prevent you from being ridiculed in public.

If you trust the advice of your peers, try looking at hairstyle magazines or websites together and see which styles they feel would look great on you. They’re likely to have your best interests at heart and will therefore provide solid advice that can help you make the right decision when it comes to switching up your image.

You try to look put together, yet always appear dishevelled

When preparing for a long day at the office, it’s important to aim for classic styles of both hair and clothing to ensure you look professional and competent throughout your work hours.

Employers will not look favorably on scruffy employees, often requesting that women wear makeup and ensure their hair is sleek to maintain a professional image. While this is controversial due to a woman’s right to display her hair or face as she wishes, it is unfortunately the way the rules are currently set in a number of workplaces in the US and worldwide.

Truthfully, an unkempt image may even be the reason you were turned down during an interview process or requested to leave a formal event. This is surely a significant sign that it’s time to do something about your tresses.