5 Signs Your Hairstyle is Terrible


Your hair is a key aspect of your image, often serving as a focal point that defines our overall style. There are numerous ways we end up with hairstyles. Whether you saw a photo depicting the cut in a magazine, copied your favorite celebrity or simply let your hair grow out naturally, your general style will have come from some source of inspiration.

While you may not think of hair as a particularly important aspect, it’s actually a key attribute of a woman’s look.

When experiencing a bad hair day, a woman may automatically write off the day as a bad one, due to the hit her self-confidence has taken or the frustration at any styling related mishaps that may have taken place that morning.

The hair is a symbol of femininity, of identity, of freedom and of beauty, alongside the liberation of a woman’s right to portray herself as she pleases.

As a result of this importance, the hair and beauty industry is worth billions of dollars, with the average woman spending approximately $50,000 on products and treatments over her lifetime.

However, as well meaning as your style may have been, they aren’t always what we expected, with visits to the salon often ending in tears or stress.

That’s the first sign your hair style may not be your best choice.

People may begin to stare

Additionally, a horrendous haircut may attract stares or comments from your peers. You may be able to pretend not to notice the questionable glances, but words can hurt and do real damage to your self-esteem.

While it’s important to stay true to yourself and stick to your guns when it comes to your own appearance, you may be uncomfortable with this negative attention, especially if you’re not a fan of the hairstyle yourself.