5 Signs on Your Body Telling You Are Unhealthy


Despite advances in technology, it seems that society is in worse health than it’s ever been. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are all too common affecting millions of American every year. But there’s a lot more that afflicts people than major illnesses.
Even smaller issues like fatigue, slow metabolism, bad skin, anxiety, headaches etc. are extremely common. In fact, in today’s world you’d be hard pressed to find someone who is not on some sort of prescription medication or who suffers from some type of severe or chronic medical issue.
Staying healthy comes down to a few common practices:

Lifestyle (I.e. Good sleep, limited alcohol etc.)

While these things are a great start to being healthy, sometimes it’s not enough. Maybe something deep down is brewing but hasn’t yet manifested itself fully yet.
Regardless of what’s going on, nobody wants to suffer from medical issues and would prefer to slow the growth of these illnesses, or to just avoid them altogether. The first step to doing so is recognizing the signs on your body that shows you are unhealthy.
These signs manifest themselves in a variety of ways, but there are a few particular things you should look for:
Quality of Skin, Hair, Nails and Eyes
Amount of body fat
Let’s begin with four of the most common external signs:

The Skin

Aren’t we all jealous of people we see with perfect skin in magazines? Well, oftentimes their skin is photo shopped and heavily covered in makeup.
The truth is most people have less than perfect skin. Despite advances in technology, and the creation of numerous skin products, it fails to produce bright, glowing skin.
This is because these skincare treatments fail to target the true source of bad skin. They’re too busy focusing on what’s outside the body, as opposed to what’s going on inside.
Whether it’s acne, hives, itchiness, rashes, or eczema there’s a good reason to believe that there is something going on within. There are usually three common explanations for this:
Deficiencies in Nutrients, Often Vitamins and Minerals
A Hormonal Imbalance, or
A Digestive Issue

Clearly these issues go beyond just “bad skin”; they are issues that if left untreated can wreak serious havoc on a person’s body.

So what are these more serious medical issues? Well, in some cases it’s diabetes: “Diabetes, for example, is generally a silent disease, but it can lead to distinct changes to the skin. So the skin may in fact be the first indicator of what’s happening,” notes dermatologist Amy Newburger.

Other medical issues that manifest themselves in the skin are often liver diseases like Hepatitis and Cirroshis of the Liver. These diseases often cause Jaundice, when the skin appears to be yellow.

One less serious issue, yet one that is all too common is dry lips. Dry lips, “… show ¬possible internal -dehydration, vitamin B deficiency or you could be low in iron intake… Check with your GP and ¬hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water.”