5 Foods That Kill Brain Cells

What are the Solutions?

Remove saturated fats, trans fats, and fatty acids from your diet. Try these tips:
1. Eat fewer cakes, pastries and biscuits, pizza, fried fish, hamburgers, hot chips and creamy pasta.
2. Instead of full fat dairy foods use low-fat dairy foods.
3. Trim fat from meat.
4. Remove skin from chicken.
5. Limit use of processed meat such as sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and salami.
6. Instead of butter,use margarine made from canola, sunflower, olive or dairy blends.
7. Eat two or three servings of oily fish weekly.
8. Add fish oil capsules and omega-3 enriched foods and drinks to your diet.
9. Combine B vitamins, antioxidants C and E, plus vitamin D in your diet.
10. Drink lots of water. Add organic lemon.
11. Cut out sugary and caffeinated beverages and sodas—whether artificially or naturally sweetened.
12. Eat plant-based proteins. These are easier for your body to digest and metabolize than animal-based proteins.
13. Decrease meat in your diet. Meat is high in saturated fats that kill brain cells.
14. Increase fruit, vegetables and plant-based fiber.
15. Use fruit and vegetables and nuts as snacks rather than processed, fat-laden foods.
16. Eat fresh foods in season. Freeze fruits and vegetables for use in the off season. Avoid canned fruits and vegetables that are high in sodium.
17. Avoid artificial and chemically modified foods by reading labels and making foods from scratch so you know exactly what is in them!
18. Avoid pre-packaged foods. Do most of your shopping the outside walls of the supermarket and avoid the inner aisles crammed with processed foods.
19. Eat whole foods and raw foods whenever possible.
20. Shop at local farms and farmers’ markets for fresh, organic products.