4 Signs People Hate Your Clothing Style

People may simply be upfront and honest

While they may say honesty is the best policy, it can still hurt to hear the truth. If your outfit isn’t up to scratch in the fashion stakes, it’s possible a friend, family member or worse – a bully, could call you out on it. If the comment comes from someone you love and trust, they’re likely just curious about your choice or may be trying to help you out.

Try not to take it too personally and, if you’re feeling brave enough, ask them what they think could be improved. They may be able to give you great advice, or even arrange a shopping trip together, during which you could try on a variety of clothing and seek their honest opinion.

This is a great opportunity to have a little fun with those you enjoy spending time with, so make a day of your shopping spree by following it with a delicious dinner out.

You missed out on a job, promotion or bonus and can’t work out why.

This sounds laughable, but the truth is, the way you dress in the workplace is important, especially if you’re attending an interview or trying to get into your boss’ good books during promotion season! Applicants have been directly told by employers that their interview attire was in appropriate, however other employers may simply silently judge, leaving you completely unaware as to why you were overlooked.

Try to focus on smarter pieces that are appropriate for the workplace, to avoid this happening to you in the future. You needn’t look as if you’ve just stepped of a runway at fashion week, however smart, clean attire is essential for a respectable, professional image.
You’re finding it difficult to find clothes that fit your aesthetic.

If you’re having trouble finding clothes that fit your chosen style, you may discover this is due to the stores no longer requesting such products from the manufacturer. Eventually, styles get old and dated. Store buyers will want to improve their stock, offering the latest trends that will appeal to trend oriented shoppers, meaning shopping for new clothes can be a hassle if you’re stuck in the past.

Next time you’re at a mall or department store, take a look around and see if you like any of the styles on offer. You may be surprised and find something you can’t wait to try on.