4 Signs People Hate Your Clothing Style


People can develop their clothing style in a number of ways. Some may copy the looks of their favourite celebrity, while many will adapt to the trends as determined by their peers at school or work. Others may find clothing they love online, or even just allow their ideal look to form by itself, based on items they’ve build up over time, creating an eclectic mix.

As trivial as it may seem to some, fashion truly does matter. The Guardian reports of the 2014 book release ‘Why Fashion Matters’ by Frances Corner, head of the London College of Fashion, a renowned international school offering qualifications and degrees for a career within the fashion industry.

The book outlines 101 statements that support the thesis that fashion is a relevant pursuit and explain how it affects the world around us today. It even elaborates on how one can remain intellectual and focus on important matters such as politics and feminism while still enjoying the engagement of fashion.

While a little indulgent, the book makes some fair points, proving just how important it is to dress to impress in today’s society.

However, not everyone is born with fabulous fashion sense, meaning that some of the outfits you throw together may not look as sleek or fashionable as you originally thought. Although cruel, this can often result in negative attention and lower your self-esteem as a result.

Strange looks can say it all

It’s normal to glance around at others, or ‘people watch’ while out and about, however you may notice more people than usual looking your way and giving your outfit the once over.

The opinion of a stranger you’ll never see again shouldn’t matter, but if this is happening on a regular basis, it could be a sign your style is commonly disliked. If you like it, that’s great, but if you’re doubting yourself, this could be the final push towards seeking some stylish new threads.