16 Health Risks of Consuming Too Much Caffeine


After the initial buzz dies down, your body may begin to crave it, resulting in a dependence on caffeine. This later transforms into a chemical that requires caffeine in order to prevent symptoms of withdrawal, such as headaches, weariness or depression.

Stomach Ulcers

As listed above, gastric emptying is accelerated after the consumption of caffeine, meaning highly acidic contents of the stomach may pass into the small intestine as a faster rate, causing pain, injury or even stomach ulcers.

Heart Attacks

Cardiac arrest may occur due to the increased blood pressure associated with caffeine. It’s important for those with weak hearts to be wary of this risk while consuming caffeine, or even avoid stimulants altogether.


After consuming too much caffeine, caffeine intoxication can occur. This causes the individual to become confused and disoriented, resulting in a caffeine coma or seizures.

If you’re experiencing any of the effects listed above, it may be time to cut back your caffeine intake. There a number of ways to reduce your intake and learn not to rely on caffeine to stay awake.

How to Cut Back

If you’re heavily reliant on caffeine, you may find you need to detox the caffeine from your system before you can successfully quit altogether. The most effective, although also the most difficult way to quit caffeine is to simply quit cold turkey.

The downside is the potential withdrawal effects that may occur which in severe cases, could render you unable to function like your usual self for between 1 and 3 days. You’ll likely experience a lack of productivity and may feel as if you want to give up on aspects of your day that seem difficult or tedious.

If you’re not brave enough to quit all caffeine at once, simply try weaning yourself off it by gradually reducing the amount you consume per day.

While you may still experience withdrawal, the effects will be less severe, allowing you to stay relatively productive.

You’ll need to be vigilant in tracking the amount you consume and ensuring you really do cut back, or you won’t notice any difference at all. This method may also take longer to reach the point of detox, depending on the amount of caffeine you consumed daily at your starting point.