15 Little Known, Extremely Healthy Exotic Foods You Must Start Eating

With the information available online today, we’re all aware of which foods are healthy or unhealthy. When committing to a healthy diet, we often head straight for the health food section of the grocery store, selecting whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These are, of course, healthy, beneficial choices, however you may find yourself getting bored with the same meals and ingredients over time.

Instead, take a stroll through your local fresh market or independent exotic grocery store. You’ll likely find some little known, exotic foods that are sure to add a twist to any meal while you reap the health benefits.


Spirulina was originally used by the Aztect and is now cultivated in Chad, a landlocked country in Africa. It contains healthy bacteria, full of vitamins, nutrients and protein, making it a great addition to health shakes, bars or juices. It has immune system boosting properties and is also an effective antioxidant.


Kukicha, also referred to as bocha, is a Japanese concoction of twigs usually marketed as a tea blend. The combined ingredients create a nutty, creamy, slightly sweet flavor, making it delicious in addition to being rich in antioxidants and calcium. The twig blend is also commonly added to juices to allow children to enjoy the health benefits too.


Spices and peppers are used in Tunisia to make Harissa, a hot chilli sauce full of Vitamin C. It’s been proven to burn fat and lower blood pressure, making it a beneficial addition to African cuisine or even a fun take on hot wings on game day.


Cupaucu is a super-fruit, found in the tropical rainforests of South America. It contains an edible, sweet, fragrant, white pulp which is perfect for desserts or juice blends. Cupaucu is full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and can even help to increase your libido.