12 Tricks to Make You Look More Stylish

A Peter Pan Aesthetic

Collars are a relatively new trend, but they’re so easy to pull off! They can be easily tied like necklaces to embellish any simple top or sweater, updating your outfit in the process.

While they are available in plain colors to add variety to the look, they’re also commonly found to feature pearls, glitter, lace or studs, allowing you to choose a collar that fits your style and aesthetic.

Jewels and Gems

Statement earrings can instantly take your look from day to night, bringing a touch of glamor to the most basic of appearances. They can also be used during the day, as like most women will tell you, there’s nothing wrong with a little sparkle.

Statement Belts

Gone are the days when belts were simply used to hold up your pants. Today, they are designed to accentuate your waist and make your body look great, as well as providing a key style aspect to a dress, long shirt or sleek pair of tailored pants. Choose one with colors or patterns if you’re hoping to brighten up an item, or stick to classic tones with shimmering metallic for a classic but cool effect.

Playing with Color

While a monochrome effect will always be classic and chic, adding a splash of rich colour can be just as fashionable. Color trends change throughout the year, often influenced by the latest movements in the design industry. It’s easy to discover which tones are ‘in’ by doing a quick internet search, or, if you have more time, take a look around your favorite clothing store and see if you notice a particular shade in abundance.

Incorporating these chic aspects into your personal aesthetic can not only make you feel fabulous about your appearance, but also affect the quality of your social life. Succeed Socially suggests that a visually pleasing appearance can lead to better treatment in social situations and that many more people, such as employers or potential dates, will be willing to give you a chance if you look your best. While following a fashion ‘uniform’ isn’t necessary, it’s still easy to feature a few stylish attributes that can pull any outfit together.