12 Tricks to Make You Look More Stylish


Trendsetting Hair

Hairstyles can be just as important as accessories or clothing when it comes to creating the ideal look. Hair that’s usually worn down could be transformed when tied into an elegant up-do style. Flip through current issues of trend oriented magazines to discover the latest styles and even tutorials on how to accomplish them yourself.

Molten Metals

Metallic accessories or clothing items are a huge trend this year and it’s surprisingly easy to incorporate their shimmering look into any outfit.

Bold fashion lovers may choose a fully metallic jacket, skirt or pair of shoes to add some serious refection to their style, while those seeking a more subtle hint might prefer a metallic bag, belt or statement jewellery to incorporate some gold, silver or bronze.

Alternatively, you can even try adding metallic shades to your makeup routine or manicure for a subtle hint towards the trend without changing too much of your style.

Lovely Lips

A slick of bold lipstick has the ability to instantly update your look and add some depth to your makeup. Whether hot pink, Hollywood red or sunset orange is your preference, a bright shade can always be relied on to make a statement.

The It Bag

Many women choose to use the same bag each day until it falls apart, however there’s nothing wrong with switching things up once in a while. A new bag can transform your overall look, and will give your old one a chance to recover.