12 Tricks to Make You Look More Stylish


In today’s society, we are confronted with the concept of style on a regular basis. From clothing stores to magazines and even on television, importance is placed on the ‘wow’ factor of an outfit, giving the impression that a stylish outfit results in confidence and a happier, more productive lifestyle.

However, many shoppers may not be able to find the time to put together stylish ensembles, especially when work and family pressures need to take priority. Others may struggle to afford a new wardrobe, or simply not have the storage space in their home to purchase new clothes every season.

Rather than focusing on a complete fashion overhaul, it’s possible to update your look and ensure you look stylish with a few simple tricks, straight from the world of fashion.

A Polished Appearance

We’ve all heard the term ‘polished’, but what does it really mean? A polished appearance is key for looking classy or professional and can be achieved through sleek, styled hair, freshly ironed clothing and immaculately applied makeup for a flawless finish.

Hot on your Heels

The shoes you pick can make or break and outfit, especially when incorporating them into an outfit designed to make a statement. Choose a pair of good quality shoes that complement both the color and style of your outfit. Additionally, ensure they’re free of dirt or scuff marks, which can add an unkempt look to your outfit, which is probably not the image you were aiming for.

The Perfect Fit

You could select the most stunning designer item in your wardrobe and it would still look terrible if it didn’t fit correctly. Each item should be suited to your frame and silhouette, so it’s important to try on clothes and ensure they suit the natural shape of your body.

Clothes that are too large can create a frumpy look, while also making you look bigger. Clothing that is too small may accentuate areas that you may prefer to keep hidden. The perfect size will offer the perfect balance, highlighting your best features and drawing attention away from body parts you may not be comfortable with showing off.

Embellished Looks

Accessorizing to embellish your outfit can add an updated, trendy look to even the most simple ensembles. A fun or colourful clutch bag can serve as a unique focal point, while statement jewellery such as necklaces or rings can add a touch of glamor and style.