12 Things That Make You Super Attractive

Show Off Your Talents

Kevin Kniffin, a post-doctoral researcher at Cornell University conducted a study of the correlation between physical attractiveness and talent. A rowing team were asked to rank each other in both talent and attractiveness. The results showed that the most talented rowers on the team were also seen as the most attractive, with their perceived attractiveness by strangers who were unaware of their talent remaining irrelevant. It therefore seems that once we understand a person’s talents or skills, we are likely to deem them more attractive overall.

Promote Equality

While it was once romantic to be whisked away and allow the man to pay for a date, that won’t fly in current society. Kniffin’s further studies showed the benefits of being a ‘valuable social partner’, proving you are likely to be viewed as more attractive if you suggest date ideas and even split the check.

Embrace Your Inner Night-Owl

A study at George Mason University showed that bar patrons perceive each other as higher in attractiveness ratings towards the end of the evening. Researchers suggest this may be because you don’t want to go home alone, yet wouldn’t take someone unattractive home with you. As a result, an individual’s perception can subconsciously shift, in order to find more people attractive.

Keep Up the Humor

The ability to crack the perfect joke indicates both intelligence and creativity, which according to The Role of Creativity and Humor in Human Mate Selection’ by Scott Barry Kaufman of Yale University and Aaron Kozbelt of the Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, are essential traits for the successful development and survival of humankind, making you appear more attractive in the eyes of prospective partners.

Furthermore, research by the Department of Psychology at Westfield State College in Massachusetts, openly laughing at a joke makes you seem more appealing to the person who announced it.

Overall, it’s clear there are a number of guaranteed attractive aspects that have been backed up by science, not to mention the fact that many of them are ideals that you may already have or could easily develop through personal grooming or styling if desired. Providing you stay true to yourself and let your inner beauty shine through, there’s no limit to how beautiful you could come across