12 Things That Make You Super Attractive


Blonde VS. Brunette

This debate seems to have gone on forever and with the stereotypes that have been ingrained in popular culture, it’s unlikely it will be settled any time soon, no matter how much evidence is collected either way!

However, whether it settles the argument or not, a study published by the US National Library of Medicine showed that brunettes were viewed more favorably than blondes in the eyes of men, and that hair length had a week effect on attractiveness. So perhaps it’s really the brunettes who have more fun!

A Little Goes a Long Way

According to a study from the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, men prefer it when women cut back on cosmetics. Men and women were shown photographs of women’s faces, exhibiting various levels of makeup, then asked to select the ones they thought were most attractive, along with the image they thought the opposite sex would prefer.

The men and women agreed on the amount of makeup that looked best, however women assumed that men would prefer the more made up models!

Elegant Arms

While women may focus on the length of their legs, perhaps it’s their arms they should be focusing on. It has been suggested through research from the Journal of Evolutionary Biology that longer arms are deemed more attractive than shorter ones. Both fashion choices and select workout techniques can create the illusion of longer arms, making them an accessible attribute.

However there are also some non-physical traits that can make you super attractive, regardless of the way you look physically.

Surround Yourself with Good Company

Findings published by Psychological Science suggested that people look physically more attractive when in a group, rather than alone. If you’re not a fan of large crowds, try grabbing a bite to eat with one or two great friends for the same effect without the headache.