12 Things That Make You Super Attractive


Have you ever wondered which of your traits are perceived as the most attractive? Many of us wonder about such things regularly, often taking the steps to appear more attractive through styling, fashion or cosmetics.

Attractiveness is often associated with beauty at face value, yet opinions on what’s ‘hot or not’ are prone to clashing. While it doesn’t completely solve a difference of opinion, there have been numerous studies that show the science behind the attraction to a particular set of attributes.

Pearly White Teeth

A study by the University of Leeds Institute of Psychological Sciences in Leeds, UK, suggested that yellow, crooked or uneven teeth were perceived by others as less attractive, however the study also discovered that overly whitened, brilliant teeth were viewed as unnatural, and no more attractive than a regular white smile.

To keep your teeth looking great, ensure they’re clean, healthy and attend regular dentist check-up appointments to ensure stunning pearly whites.

Ruby Red Lips

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology conducted a study that discovered a correlation between the color red and the attraction that men experience towards females. The study stated that men appear ‘unaware’ of the effect the color is having on their attraction, so women may be pleased to add this trick to their arsenal, applying red lipstick for important dates.

Small Waist, Large Hips

While the fashion industry may use very slender models in their campaigns and runway shows, researchers from New Zealand in 2009 aimed to analyse the eye-tracking of men’s preferences for waist to hip ratio and breast size of women.

The study concluded that men prefer a waist to hip ratio of around 7:10 far more than the smaller 9:10 ratio, showing that curves truly are attractive, despite how often women try to lose them!

A Higher Pitch

A study conducted in 2013 by Yi Xu at University College London, UK, created a focus on human vocal attractiveness, eventually concluding that men prefer the voices of females to be higher pitched and ‘breathy’.