11 Foods That You Should Only Eat Raw


When you chew raw garlic, it produces allicin, a compound that protects your DNA. Allicin is completely inactivated after just one minute of cooking, meaning you absorb little to none of the compound.


Raw fruit or vegetable juices are far more beneficial to your health than store bought brands. Pre-packaged juices are usually pasteurized, as a precaution taken by the manufacturer to kill bacteria and preserve the juice, however this also destroys vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the process.

You’ll also find store-bought juices have added sugar or chemicals, so try making your own at home using fresh, raw ingredients.


Raw salt contains essential minerals that can help you maintain overall good health. Table salt is usually heated before being treated with chemicals and bleached, making it toxic. Raw salts, including Himalayan and Fleur de Sel contain perfectly balanced minerals that will help you avoid putting unwanted additions into your body.


Raw chocolate (cacao) is full of vitamins and minerals that can create feelings of euphoria, due to a boost to the body’s neurotransmitters and phyto-chemicals.

The cacao found in most mainstream chocolate bars is cooked, which not only depletes a lot of its natural nutritional value, but also causes it to become toxic! Chocolate is also often processed with added sugar, dairy or similar unhealthy ingredients, which aren’t great for one’s diet. Raw chocolate can be purchased from independent chocolatiers, health stores or even made at home using raw cacao and a natural sweetener.


Beets lose over 25% of their folate when they’re cooked. Folate is a powerful brain compound and also helps new tissues and proteins regenerate, as well as preventing the risk of birth defects when eaten by pregnant women. Eating beets raw preserves the folate, ensuring all its benefits are absorbed.