10 Foods That Can Cause Heart Attack


Why Watch What You Eat?

Some foods simply wave a red flag at your heart. They are not heart healthy.
Every single day in USA alone heart disease kills over 2,150 Americans. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for American men and women according to the American Heart Association.
North Americans’ diet contains some heart-deadly foods. Avoiding this could save thousands of lives.

What to Watch out for?

There are sadly many foods which are on North American shopping lists that are just waiting to cause a heart attack. Here are some of the worst.

1. Pizza—the Perfect Food?

Once touted as a perfect food for children because it fulfilled many of the food groups—especially if adorned with veggies and/or fruit—pizza is now deemed an artery-clogger.
A single slice of cheese pizza often exceeds 2/3 of your daily ration of saturated fats. Those are the same animal fats in beef, dairy products, and pork.
Avoid pizza toppings like bacon, pepperoni and sausage as they are highly processed. More about that later!

2. Fast Food

We are a nation on the run. Fast food has sadly become a way of life. Portions are too large. Fast foods are full of trans fats and refined sugars. They are most often prepared by frying and the oils are used and reused adding to the saturation.
Check out any fast food menu. There is very little that isn’t loaded with saturated fat, trans fat, sugar and/or sodium. After just one highly processed, high in saturated fats mealyour blood vessels dropped their ability to dilate by 24 percent.
Even supposed “healthy choices” like sushihave sauces or soups are high in sodium and fats

It’s not just the fast food. Processed food in general has a very high sodium content.

3. Milk-The Perfect Food?

Once looked upon as a perfect food for its high amounts of calcium, whole milk and processed milk products are artery-clogging. Choose low fat or skim milk and make your own yogurt.